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For the establishment of the product and service quality supervision mechanism, ensure the effective use of the products, with excellent products and quality service for the customer, the customer service is our duty, tracking the quality of service is our duty.


The factory made the following commitments to the customer:


First Enterprise quality management system requirements:

  Quality policy: the market oriented, continuous improvement of management, quality products and services to meet the needs of different users is our relentless pursuit of the industry.

       Quality objectives: 100% qualified products, products of the first acceptance rate of more than 98%; 98% customer satisfaction; ensure the performance rate of 100% qualified.

Then Product manufacturing standards and quality assurance:

  Our products are in strict accordance with the national standards of production, customers have special requirements according to customer requirements of production. 

  1、Pre sale: the customer calls, letter, visit the warm reception, thoughtful service, the customer's technical problems to solve the problem carefully to help solve; when the customer has asked, can send technical personnel to the factory installation.

  2、Sale: during the production of products, we can invite the relevant technical staff to the factory to carry out detailed information on products, including products of various types of data and product structure and working principle. And the main inspection of the product is completed in the factory. Ensure strict accordance with the contract requirements, quality and quantity, on time delivery. The factory can provide the relevant inspection standards for customer confirmation.

  3、After sales: in order to cooperate with the customer to do a good job of product after-sales service, maintenance and other service work, I plant in this solemn commitment to customers:

  ① The various properties of the products are in line with the national standards and the provisions of the relevant standards of excellence.

  ② After the arrival of the product, customer acceptance process, such as the discrepancy between the requirements of the contract and the occasion, the plant received a notice from the customer within 24 hours after the reply, processing.

  ③ Our products provide a free warranty for twelve months, from the date of acceptance of the project. According to the requirements, can also be free to provide technical guidance and assistance. Our factory has after sales service tenet: "the customer is limited, the service is infinite!" For each user to electricity, to seek advice, suggestions and use Juye after product quality. If you receive customer complaints, you must reply within 24 hours, and ensure customer satisfaction.

  ④ Under the correct installation and use conditions, equipment put into operation, the quality of the products, such as the quality of the factory product quality reasons, the factory will be responsible for the end and free of charge to replace and repair.

  ⑤ Guarantee period, the factory still guarantee to do customer service work, for the factory to provide technical services. The factory will be notified within 24 hours of arrival at the scene, and provide free service; to replace the product, the factory will promptly organize production, and the most favorable price to the customer.

  ⑥If you have any need, please contact the following address and telephone number.

  Unit name (seal): Taizhou giant Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.    Address: Dongfeng Industrial Zone, Kanmen, Yuhuan, Taizhou

   Telephone:0576-87507557       Fax:0576-87568010

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