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Technical conditions of automobile steering tie rod assembly

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 The standard is suitable for the automobile joint type steering horizontal and straight rod assembly, and is also suitable for the integral steering straight rod assembly.

1 technical requirements

1.1 products should meet the requirements of this standard, and in accordance with the provisions of the procedures approved drawings and documents.

1.2 performance

1.2.1 motion characteristics

The limit swing angle and swing torque along the axis of the ball pin should meet the design requirements. The sliding surface lubrication under good conditions, moving parts shall not be stuck and block, loose phenomenon.

1.2.2 wear resistance

Wear resistance of ball pin and tee should be adapted to each other, and, under normal conditions of use, when the car mileage of not more than 30 thousand kilometers, not the occurrence of local severe wear or early wear phenomenon.

1.2.3 thread connection

Threaded joint steering rod assembly and joint connection should be reliable, under normal conditions of use, not allowed to loose and release for the long Screwing Length of connecting thread accuracy should not be less than 7H / 6e, according to GB 197-81 "common thread tolerance", should ensure that the length of thread within the scope of screwing, parts can be fully interchangeable and can freely adjust.

1.2.4 lubrication and dust control

Lubricating rod assembly should be smooth, in the assembly and adjustment of the normal state of use, after oil grease grease filling nozzle should be able to lubricate their sliding surface. pull rod assembly has a good dust control device, in the ball pin limit swing angle range, should be able to reliably prevent the mud and dust infiltration.

1.2.5 reliability

The strength and stiffness of the rod assembly shall meet the design and application requirements. When the car mileage of not more than 180 thousand kilometers, under normal conditions of use, not allowed to happen, broken rod body joints, ball pin and rod spring, when the assembly is in the normal state of adjustment, the ball pin assembly shall not be released from.

In the car warranty period is indeed due to the rod assembly manufacturing bad caused by broken, manufacturing plants should be given free of charge to replace.

1.3 appearance

All parts of the surface of 1.3.1 rod assembly should be free of cracks, burrs and sharp edges, the machining parts shall not have obvious depression, touch marks; non machined parts should be no folding, oxidation and corrosion and other skin defects.

The 1.3.2 rod assembly should be coated with non surface coating should be uniform, no bubbles, leakage (coating and flush, and ensure the firm combination, and the surface was covered in 40 ~ 70 DEG C temperature range does not collapse or peeling phenomenon.

2 inspection rules

2.1 each steering rod assembly factory, shall be accompanied by a certificate of quality products.

2.2 the user has the right to receive the steering rod assembly for inspection, check the project for:

A. appearance

Assembly dimension of B. and axle

Swing angle and swing moment of C. ball pin

Matching precision of D. joint and tie rod connecting screw thread

2.3 users to check the quality of products, testing according to GB 2828-81 "by the provisions of the inspection sampling procedures and tables", and batch sampling times, agreed by both parties.

3 marks, packaging, transportation, storage

3.1 each product shall be marked with the manufacturer or factory in striking position.

3.2 before the product packaging should be cleaned and rust treatment. The packing box should be dry and strong, and the quality of the packing box shall not exceed 500N (50kg), and guarantee the products will not be damaged under normal transportation condition.

For the host plant supporting the steering rod assembly, allowing the use of simplified packaging, the requirements of the factory and the host plant agreed.

3.3 packing boxes with packing list, packing list should be marked on the product name, model number, quantity and factory.

3.4 outside of the package should indicate the manufacturing plant name and logo, the product name, type, quantity, total quality and packing date. The receiving unit and address, as well as light, moisture and other words.

3.5 products should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse, under normal conditions of storage, from the date of the factory, manufacturers should ensure that in a year not to rust.

Additional instructions:

This standard by the Changchun Automobile Research Institute and focal points.

This standard by the Chongqing automobile parts manufacturing plant is responsible for drafting.

The principal of this standard is Zhu Xuxin, Wan Tingyang.

This standard was first published in August 1964.

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