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The influence of domestic and international economic situation on the development environment of the steering rod industry

文章来源    时间:2016-8-24 15:47:21

    Taizhou giant Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. on the economic situation at home and abroad on the impact of the development environment of the steering rod industry has a special view

    Steering pull rod is an important part of the automobile steering mechanism, which directly affects the stability, safety and service life of the vehicle. The steering tie rod is divided into 2 categories, namely, the steering straight rod and the steering tie rod. The steering rod bears the steering arm movement is transferred to the steering knuckle arm; tie rod is the steering trapezium, the steering wheel is to ensure that the key components produce the correct motion relationship. The structure and principle of automobile steering rod is mainly composed of a ball joint assembly, screw nut, pull rod assembly, a left telescopic rubber sleeve, a right telescopic rubber sleeve, self locking spring composed of straight rod steering structure is mainly in 2 ways: one is to ease the reverse impact the ability of another without this ability, as shown in Figure 2 shown. To ease the reverse impact, in a straight rod ball head is provided with a pressure spring, a spring rod axis and the reverse, as the need to bear the force along the rod axis direction, but also can eliminate the gap of spherical ball pin part and the ball head caused by the abrasion of the bowl. For the second kinds of structure, priority is connected to the rigid rather than ability to mitigate the impact, as shown in Figure b), the structure is characterized with the axis of the ball head pin direction pressing spring is positioned at the lower part of the ball head pin of the same, compared with the former, spring force situation improved, only to eliminate the gap caused by the abrasion of the spherical part.

    The design is the right part of the car to the right parts of the processing process and some of the special fixture design. The main processing surface is the plane and the hole in the right part of the vehicle's steering tie rod. By the principle of processing technology, it can be known that the machining accuracy of the plane is easier than that of the hole. So the design follows the principle of the first face and back hole. And the hole and plane processing clearly divided into rough machining and finishing stage to ensure the accuracy of processing. The benchmark is chosen to take the right joint M52 screw hole as the precision standard, and the outer circle is not processed as the fine standard. The main processing procedure is to make the boring M52 thread hole as the other surface location datum, and then to locate the hole in the end face. In the following steps, the other hole and the plane are processed by the end face and the processing hole. The whole machining process is using the common lathe.

    With the rapid development of machinery industry, put forward higher demand for the variety of products and productivity, the many varieties, small batch production of mechanical production as the mainstream, in order to adapt to the development trend of mechanical production, is bound to put forward higher requirements for machine tool fixture. Especially as the front spring rings kind of irregular parts processing is still in a backward stage. In the future development process, we should vigorously promote the use of a combination of fixtures, semi modular fixture, adjustable fixture, in particular, a group of fixtures. With the development of high speed, high efficiency, precision, complex, intelligent and environmental protection, the fixture technology is developing toward the high precision and high efficiency module combination.

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