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Steering joint assembly
  • Steering joint assembly

Steering joint assembly

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Steering joint assembly

Installation notes

In our daily life, we often can be seen everywhere pipe fittings, for this product, we need to carry out effective installation, in order to ensure that it can better play its efficacy. Here is a simple talk about the pipe connector - a card sleeve type of connection in the installation of the use of.

During the installation, we first of all is to the card sleeve type joint is in water or oil pump outlet position of the start and stop processing, this objective is to effectively reduce the sleeve type joint due to tension or compression caused by the impact, so we should be in the flange and the two ends of the position more good to increase the corresponding limiting device.

In addition, we are in the installation of the card sleeve, it is best to use a large diameter types of joints. Also in order to more effectively to pack and to effectively to reduce the US in terms of labor intensity of some of the factors, we the best is at one end of the flange again production made a relatively long tube as a backup!

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