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Steering joint assembly
  • Steering joint assembly

Steering joint assembly

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Steering joint assembly

Straight rod and the transverse rod is car steering system of two main parts, straight pull rod is steering arm pull and steering knuckle arm connected a rod, the direction of motor power is transmitted to the steering Festival can control wheels, the transverse rod is connected with left and right steering arm of, one can synchronize the two wheels, two can adjust toe. Steering tie rod end through the fetlock joint with steering knuckle is connected, because the rotation of the direct force of wheel force larger, so most of the cars are used for hydraulic steering, decrease the drive force, also make move to a more flexible, easy to operate

The transverse rod is composed of a joint with a spherical hinge at two ends and a middle part of the middle part. Rod made of round steel pipe or at both ends, respectively, of positive and reverse thread (that is, one end of left-hand thread, one end of the right-hand thread). Therefore, the rotary rod is rotated to change the total length, thereby adjusting the front beam of the steering wheel. Spherical hinge is composed of a joint, a spring, a ball head seat (bowl), the ball head pin, plug, a limiting pin, dustproof pad with the rod are connected through a screw thread, and is fixed on the rod by the clamp bolt.

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