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Pull rod
  • Pull rod

Pull rod

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Pull rod

Steering tie rod

The steering tie rod in the non independent suspension is different from the structure of the steering tie rod in the independent suspension.

Steering cross pull rod in (1) non independent suspension

Steering tie rod in a non independent suspension of a vehicle. The steering tie rod is arranged on the two ends of the rod body 2 and is screwed in.

The joint structure of the two ends of the transverse rod is the same. The rear end of the ball head pin 14 is connected with the trapezoidal arm, and the upper and lower ball head seat 9 is made of a poly formaldehyde, and has good wear resistance, and the shape of the C is shown in the figure below. Spring 12 to ensure that the two ball head seat and the ball head in close contact, and the cushioning effect, the preload is 11 adjustment screw.

The two connector is connected with the transverse rod body by the screw thread, and the thread part of the joint is cut, so elastic, the joint is screwed to the transverse rod body, and the clamping bolt is clamped by 3. One end of the threaded end of the transverse rod is right-handed, and one end of the transverse rod is left handed. Therefore, loosen the clamp bolt 3, turn of the tie rod body can change the total length of the tie rod, so as to adjust the steering wheel before the beam.

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