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tie rod end
  • tie rod end

tie rod end

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tie rod end

The main purpose of the finite element analysis is to prevent the fatigue failure of the steering rod and predict its fatigue life, which is very important to the safety of the car. The pull rod samples taken from the steering system are used for static load test and strain controlled low cycle fatigue test, which can be used to test the performance of the rod material under static stress and low cycle stress. The finite element analysis is to determine the stress and strain distribution in the local area of the steering tie rod. Some of the key locations of the strain were measured by strain gauge tests to verify the accuracy of the finite element analysis. Finite element analysis of the local strain in the bending region of the steering linkage has a 8% error. The turning rod made of STKM12C carbon steel shows the phenomenon of cyclic softening. Under cyclic stress, the yield strength is about 25% lower than the yield strength under static stress. As the finite element stress analysis is expected, the fatigue source occurs in the bend region of the steering rod, and the crack is extended to the other side of the draw bar through the circular section.

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