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Where the steering rod is good
  • Where the steering rod is good

Where the steering rod is good

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Where the steering rod is good

Steering pull rod is an important part of automobile steering mechanism. It plays a role in the steering system, which has a direct impact on the stability, safety and service life of the vehicle. The steering tie rod is divided into 2 categories, namely, the steering straight rod and the steering tie rod. Vertical steering tie rod bears the steering rocker arm motion is passed to the steering knuckle arm task; steering tie rod is steering trapezoidal mechanism of bottom, is keep the left and right steering wheel to generate proper motion between the key components.

The structure of the steering drag link is mainly 2 kinds: one is the ability to mitigate reverse impact, and the other is not capable, as shown in Figure 2. To ease the reverse shock, in straight rod ball head provided with a pressing spring, spring axis and straight rod reverse, as need to withstand a force along the straight rod axis direction, but also eliminate the ball head pin spherical part and the ball head between the bowl due to wear of clearance. For the second structure, the priority is connected to a rigid and not to have the ability to mitigate the impact, as shown b), the characteristics of the structure is located below the ball head pin of compression spring axis and the ball head pin direction. Compared with the former, pressing spring force condition is improved, is only used to eliminate the spherical part caused by the abrasion gap.

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